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Celtic Knot Bracelet

                                                          Celtic Knot Bracelet




6 strands of Craft Lace 48” long each

26  Pony beads



  1. Take all 6 strands of Craft Lace and measure 5” from end. Make a knot to hold strands together.
  2. Divide into 2 sections of 3 strands each. Put 1 pony bead on each section.
  3. Make a Celtic knot. Add a pony bead onto each 3 strand section to form a station between each Celtic knot.
  4. Continue to alternate Celtic knots and adding pony beads. Knot and bead until the body of the bracelet reaches approx 6-6 ½” in length (this should be approx 11 bead stations and 9 Celtic knots).
  5. When desired length is reached put final pony beads onto bracelet then knot off all strands of craft lace to finish.
  6. Take loose ends of the bracelet and knot pony beads onto the ends.



Celtic Knot


1) Knot all ends together           



2) Separate into 2 strands.

   Take right strand and make

   a loop under left strand





3) Loop the left strand under

   the right strand as shown




4) then weave it back through

  the two loops as shown below.



5) Slide knot into place and

   tighten ends


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