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Cobra Braid
Cobra Braid
1.  Pick four lengths of Toner CraftLaceTM, two of them will be used for the core and two will be the working strands.
2.  Tie all four strands together in one large overhand knot and secure the knotted end to a fixed position (Fig A1).  (If you are braiding with a key ring, snap hook, etc. work with two long strands.  Slip key ring onto strands, slide it to the center and bring all the lacing ends together) (Fig A2). 
3.  Arrange the strands as seen in Fig 1A or Fig A2, the working strands are #1 and #2, the core strands do not need to be numbered.
4.  To braid, place strand #1 over the core strands and under #2 (Fig B).  Bring strand #2 behind the core strands, up and through the loop of #1 from back to front (Fig C).  Pull the working strands tight around the core strands each time you complete a knot.
5.  Place strand #2 behind the core strands and over #1.  Bring strand #1 over the core strands and through the loop of #2 from front to back (Fig D).  Tighten as before.
6.  Continue braiding, repeating steps 2 and 3 until you have reached the length you want.  Fasten ends with an overhand knot or see other methods mentioned in "Beginnings and Endings and Other Neat Stuff."
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