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Weave Wheel Round Braid


1. Set up Lanyard Maker using the Basic Set Up Instructions.

2. Hold Lanyard Maker with dot #32 on top. Make sure to keep tension on the lanyard to secure project.

1. Start with #32 on top and #16 on the bottom.

2. You will start wit the strands on either side of #16.

3. Always start with the bottom left strand.

4. Pull out lace between 16 & 17 go straight across the wheel and insert between 30 & 31. You will now have three strands on top; left, middle and right.

5. Pull out lace between 1 & 32 and insert across the wheel between 14 & 15.

6. Turn the wheel counterclockwise to the next dot. When you turn the wheel, the top and bottom numbers will change. Dots indicate to and bottom of wheel. With your first turn #8 will be on top, #24 on the bottom.

7. Repeat* steps 4-7 until desired length is reached. *Always bring the furthest left bottom strand UP and across to the top of the wheel and insert it to the left of the two top strands. the top right strand will always come DOWN and across insert to the right of the bottom strand.

8. When you reach your desired length, remove your lanyards from the wheel. Tie a basic knot on the end of your lanyard and clip the tail to desired length.

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